Stepstone Academy Kindergarten Teacher Selected to Speak at Bowdoin College

We are proud of Latasha Ball, our kindergarten “Teach for America” teacher, who was selected to speak at Bowdoin College in Maine at the “Women of Color Conference” on April 28, 2013.

Latasha says, "It is said that college is the best years of your life that may not always be true for a woman of color at a small Liberal Arts College. On April 28th, I had the opportunity to participate in the Women of Color conference sponsored by the African American Society at Bowdoin College. The purpose of the women of color conference gives women the chance to express and share their experience after and during college.  Each year they select an  Alumni to visit the college and share their insight post-graduation. As a recent graduate, I had the opportunity to speak with different students and share my personal journey and experience. Within my speech I spoke about my journey to self-discovery. As one of few women of color, it is easy to become consumed by your identity. You become heavily focused on the person that others see, and sometimes forget about the person you want to be. My goal was to give women the courage to be fearless, proud, individualized flowers; that will eventually blossom into independent women. Although I am still very new to my own journey, and occasionally a flat tire may arise, I can confidently say and share, that while college has shaped me, I have defined me."