Donor Testimonials

Chris Arnold, Owner, Fitzgibbons Arnold & Company

"Through my involvement with Stepstone Academy, it's clear to me that the vision, the leadership,  and the already proven results are vital to stand up against the educational challenges that exist in Central Cleveland."


Jason Lucarelli, President, Minute Man HR Management Resource System

“As President of one of the largest independently-owned employee service organi¬zations in the United States, having access to a well-educated workforce is critical to fulfilling our customer’s ever-changing needs. That’s why I’ve chosen to support Stepstone Academy, both financially and as a member of the Friends of Stepstone Acad¬emy Advisory Committee. I am extremely impressed with the school’s innovative combina¬tion of a high quality, no excuses education with a full-array of support services such coun¬seling, family skill building and job training provided by Guidestone. Stepstone Academy’s faculty and staff will do whatever it takes to ensure students are prepared to meet the unique challenges of the 21st Century economy. As a staffing professional, that makes me very optimistic about my business, and Cleveland’s future.”


David Zentkovich, Partner, PWC

“As someone who works to develop fresh perspectives and practical advice in the City of Cleveland and beyond, I am an advocate for quality and effective educa¬tion for children. I fully support quality academic options like Stepstone Academy that are not afraid to be accountable. I believe Stepstone Academy will not only provide effective education for children in the Central Neighborhood, but will help strengthen families in our community with their unique support services that serve the whole family. Guidestone has a successful track record of providing effective mental health and social services, as well as job training programs that have proven to be effective. By uniquely combining quality education and blended learning and a continuum of support services, Stepstone Academy will set a strong business example and create stronger families in the Central Neighborhood. Please join me in committing to the education of our youth by considering a financial contribution to support the success of Stepstone Academy.”