Advancement Committee:

Mission and Roles

Linda Crowell


Linda Crowell, Ph.D., Board of Directors, Stepstone Academy 

Chris Arnold, Owner, Fitzgibbons Arnold


Members of the Committee are serving to raise funds for Stepstone Academy.  Committee members will serve ad hoc and be non-voting members to the Board.  In her position as an official Board Member and Co-Chair of the Committee, Linda Crowell will serve as the liaison between the Committee and the Board to ensure the Committee’s concerns and interests are effectively considered.


To generate significant awareness and charitable support for Stepstone Academy and obtain the resources required to provide students at Stepstone Academy with the highest quality college preparatory education.


Attract and build relationships with community and corporate leaders to produce advocates for Stepstone Academy and a sustainable charitable giving model.

The Ad Hoc Advisory Committee to the Board of Stepstone Academy operates in accord with the Stepstone Academy School Board.  The Committee agrees to conduct its affairs and programs in compliance with the strategic plans, policies, procedures, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Board.


The Committee will be asked to meet when significant news and development opportunities arise that are imperative to the mission of the Committee.

Given that the importance of information exchanged at the Committee meetings, Members of the Committee will be expected to attend meetings either in person or via conference call or other media.

Committee Co-Chairs

In addition to chairing meetings, the Co-Chairs of the Committee are expected to ensure 100% annual fundraising participation from the Members of the Committee and School Board, as well as aid in the recruitment of new Members to the Committee.

Committee Member Expectations

  • Believe in the mission and vision of Stepstone Academy and be an informed advocate of the impact Stepstone Academy makes in the lives of its Scholars and the Greater Cleveland Community.
  • Commit a leadership gift/pledge to the Academy in accordance with individual abilities and interests.
  • Use personal and professional connections and expertise to benefit and fund Stepstone Academy.
  • Identify and cultivate relationships to support Stepstone Academy as donors, students, volunteers and advocates.
  • Consistently attend and participate in Committee meetings.
  • Participate in fundraising events, activities and programs for Stepstone Academy.
  • Provide input and approve the Committee’s Strategic Development Plan.
  • Provide constructive advice and counsel to the Academy’s development staff.

If you are interesting in joining our Advancement Committee, please contact:

Jim Dombrowski